One Year On...

We asked some of our new owners to send pictures and information about their their puppies one year on. This is their response;


Hello Sue.

This is Sadie a year on. She is absolutely stunning and bigger than we thought she would grow!!  She has a lovely personality and is so soft and puddled. She and Sam are inseparable.

Kevin and Val. 






Dexie and Wheatcroft Cabledeck Navigator's puppy 2013

Dear Su


Munchie is wonderful she is a very happy sociable dog and very popular with most people. She is learning that not everyone she bounds up to in the park wants to play but then that's down to puppy nature and our training!


She has a hilarious habit of singing for attention !


Love Jacqui



Dexie and Wheatcroft Cabledeck Navigotors puppy 2013

Max is doing really well, he's a bit of a charmer, knows just when to turn it on!  He is very friendly with both people and other dogs - couldn't ask for better really. Still adventurous, which does worry me from time-to-time.

He passed his Kennel Club 'gold' badge just before his first birthday and since then we have been doing some post-gold classes that the trainer runs. Max is very good, when he wants to be - again he just turns it off and on when he wants. But, he is excellent at the retrieving training!

I enjoy being able to play ball and the like with him as, unfortunately our last, Harvey, would just pick up the toy and run off!

Best Wishes, Richard and Anita


Dexie and Wheatcroft Cabledeck Navigotor's puppy 2013


Enzo, Can't thank you enough for Enzo. He has brought a new direction in life for me. Love the little bugger to bits and so does everyone he meets!







Dexie and Wheatcroft Cabledeck Navigator's puppy 2013