Kikko our comedian

Kikko is a fun loving girl and as a Second Generation Carsuzi girl, has had the benefits of growing up with her mum and Grandma around which has instilled lots of confidence in her. 

Cava her grandma was one of our first girls and we call her our diva, her mum Elsa is beautiful and very aware of it. Although Kikko has inherited the beauty and carisma of her linage she is also a comedian enjoying doing things that make us laugh or entertain the other dogs.



Kikko after a daily walk

Thinks it's great fun to throw mud around with her head and doesn't mind the bath after.

Kennel Club Name

Carsuzi Mookite Mischief


Pet Name




Carsuzi Jet Adventurer




R Diamond at Wheatcroft Golden Angels of Orbach


Date of Birth

28th January 2018


Hip Score

6  :  4


Elbow Score

0  :  0


Eye Test

Clear October 2019


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Kikko was mated to Reef (Robscraig Nautical Starr) on 18th December 2019.