Frequent Questions

Are you registered with the Kennel Club?

Yes, we are part of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.


The scheme requires us to undertake hip scoring and annual eye testing, which we do and the results can be seen on the girl’s individual pages.  There is also a 'recommendation' for;

            1) Elbow grading

            2) Bitches under 18 months not to produce a litter

            3) Bitches not to produce more than one litter within a 12-month period

Elbow scores are again displayed on the girls pages.  We have also adopted recommendations 2) and 3).


There is a further element (which not all Assured Breeders have completed) which involves us being assessed at home in accordance with a UKAS (UK Accreditation Service).  We are pleased to have completed this and hold current certification in that respect.


There is a further extensive list of requirements to be an Assured Breeder.  These can be viewed on the Kennel Club Website via the link on the button below.

What socialisation and temperament testing have the puppies undertaken?

As you browse through the various pages on this website, it will become apparent just how important we feel good socialisation is.  Although we follow the general principles set out in '' my education in dog psychology helps me truly understand what is required and to embed this into our daily lives with the puppies up until they leave for their new homes.


Our 'day in the life of' page gives more detail and also some real life examples of how we approach socialisation.

Can we view the Sire (Dad)?

We use stud dogs so the dad does not live with us.  We select our studs depending upon their specific charactiersitics and how these complient our particular bitch.


However, all of our stud dogs are well known, live in a home environment and can be viewed on the internet.  If you would specifically like to see the stud dog we are happy for you to arrange this with their owner who will be happy to do so.

Can we get references from previous buyers?

Of course.  We can easily arrange for a selection of contact details that you can choose from.

Can we use our vet examine the puppies?

As you can imagine it is not safe for the puppies for us to let them be removed to visit your vet.  However, our contract with you requires you to take your new puppy to your vet within its first week with you.  If your vet finds any issues you can return the puppy for a full refund.


Before you puppy leaves they will be examined by our vet for a check and for an eye examination.


If you are particularly keen on your vet seeing the puppy during its first 8 weeks we are happy for them to visit the litter at home.

Do you place any caveats, guarantees or Endorsements on the sale of the puppy?

Yes we do.  Full details of these are in our sales contract which you are welcome to have a copy of at any time during the process.


This explains how we offer to take your puppy back if necessary.  It is also likely that there will be two Kennel Club Endorsements which prevent you exporting your dog without notification and breeding without permission.  Both of these will be readily lifted once we have seen the appropriate health checks.

Will the puppies have received any vaccinations, flea or worming treatments?

Your puppy will have received worming and flea treatments.  For consistency we will provide you with the next course of worming treatment when you collect your puppy at 8 weeks.  Again, for consistency, we leave the first set of vaccinations to you and your own vet to undertake.


Your puppy will also be microchipped.

And don't forget - if the answer is not here - please ask, we are happy to answer any of your questions