Are you ready for Retriever puppyhood

Hopefully by this point you have done extensive research to check that a Golden Retriever is the right dog for you, unless of course you have already had one.  Even then, careful consideration is necessary. Part of the Golden Retrievers intrigue is that no two are the same. Of course, every dog has his own distinct personality however in Golden Retrievers you can find significant differences in personality and ability.


Commonly Goldens are very loving and greet both friend and stranger like long-lost friends. They live best indoors with their families and will not thrive if isolated from the humans they love.  They enjoy lively outdoor fun and games, which are excellent outlets for their energy and enthusiasm.


Golden Retrievers are known to be a ‘mouthy’ and love to carry things in their mouth.  This often includes your arm, your socks, your shoes….  Chewing is natural to Golden Retrievers and puppies love to practice this!  Damage can be minimised if you are willing to commit hours to train and supervise your puppy providing the appropriate toys and environment.


Golden Retrievers are great with children, although they can be especially exuberant, so both dog and kids must be supervised to prevent mishaps due to normal Retriever rowdiness.


The fluffy coat of a Retriever puppy will soon develop into a thick long coat that will require frequent brushing to keep it clean and loose hairs off your dinner plate.  And don't forget those muddy paws, tromping through your garden and across your kitchen floor. Few Golden Retriever homes have spotless tiled floors!


Betsy tries to look innocent and pretend that the flower 'just fell' from the plant! May 2013

We do not take deposits for puppies for sale.  This is because we want you to make your decision to take a puppy into your life for all the right reasons and not be concerned with losing your deposit money.


You should however be mindful that we consider carefully where we place our puppies and can make no promises that we may not withdraw our offer at any time.  This can be a difficult process, but our driver will be our opinion of the best life long interest of the puppy.  Should this happen we can not be responsile for any of your costs or expenses leading up to the decsion.


We also reserve the right to allocate / offer puppies based upon our feeling of best match irrespective of what order you may have contated us.