Meet Inca

Inca has taken over from her mum Nugget as pack leader.  We kept her from Nuggets only litter as we loved her mixed golden colouring. She is prooving to be a fair and tolerent leader.


She is an amazing dog, loved by all, especially during her long stay in verteneray hospital when she had to have her foot amputated after a severe cut became infected.


During this ordeal her personality and gentleness shone through, never once getting upset with those having to cause her pain as her wound was worked on.


Our decision to breed from her was informed by the way she shelped mother Elsa's litter and appeared to yearn for her own.


Inca's Puppies


Kennel Club Name Carsuzi Golden Diamond
Pet name Inca
Sire R Diamond Golden Angels of Orberach
Dam Tyrocol Golden Nugget
Date of Birth 28/8/14
Hip Score 5 - 5
Elbow Score 0 - 0
Eyes Clear October 2019

Inca's Four Generation Pedigree

Mother and Daughter - Inca (front) and Nugget at the Seaside (November 2015)