Cava's puppy Scarlett 6/9/2014

Golden Retriever Breeders


We have seven breeding age bitches who are first and foremost family pets. Not all of them live with us all of the time. Some live with our closest family and friends.


We are part of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder scheme.We also have our Council Breeders License 5 *****rating for three years from 4th July 2019 - 3rd July 2022

Licence Number : 476811/ 170920


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April 2020


Kikko has had 7 puppies 2 boys and 5 girls Which is fab for a first litter. 


The puppies have now all gone to their new homes. We had to make a lot of changes to make it happen, but it was worth it to see them with their new owners at the weekend.





Update 22nd April 2020



Taking Advice from the Government we are not having our schedule open days. I am very sorry that we cannot welcome you all into our home. We are however, going to add sections to the web site so that you can have a clear view of the girls lives and how we look after our puppies.


However, we are aware that once the decision has been made to welcome a puppy into your home it can be an exciting time.  It's a time for learning and preparation. We want to help you with this and have developed a quiz sheet for you to test your knowledge. If you wish to recieve a copy please email us.


This can either lead to a place on our contact list or just complete it and keep it for future reference.


See our new page; A puppies journey through the Carsuzi Household



Please listen - 31st March 2020 - updated 14th April


This is a breeders perception and I hope that those people that I have directed to my site read this take heed!


I have spent 3 years planning for this year, I kept 5 puppies in 2018 with a view to turning my hobby into a business. I have invested over £25,000 plus hours of planning and care . AND I'm not going to breed any puppies until the current restrictions are lifted. I have more hope than I did on my post of 31st March the BVA have now suggested that innoculations of puppies can now take place. This is somewhat of a poison challace as the decision was taken based on the fact that issolation will be extended.


If you are looking for a puppy right now. Please be willing to wait. They may be the odd well bred puppy on the market but I have had over 400 enquires in the last 4 weeks. 


I will only breed my treasured girls when it is safe to do the following:


1. I need to travel to mate my girls with the best quality, best suited dogs available. When we are allowed to trval I will. (see the Kennel Club Breed values coifficency)


2. When my vet becomes available to ensure my girls are in the best health or that if their are problems they can be helped.


3. It now ooks like the girls will be able to have their yearly vacination. I will only breed if everyone in the house has suitable cover. 


4. My girls also cannot have their regular year health tests completed. This ensures that puppies are only born from the healthiest mums. The Kennel Club have allowed for some flexibility within this I will follow their lead.


5. The BVA has now released their restriction on innoculations for puppies. This may change throughout the year. I will be keeping myself informed of the situation as it changes.


6. To be inline with government restrictions on travel I cannot vet my potential owners. I hold an extended interview process with potential owners and just because you want a puppy doesn't mean you are suitable or ready to have one. Going forward I am looking at technology to solve this issue.


7. If you read this and go elsewhere you risk getting a puppy that has been farmed and or imported from overseas. Please use this site and the information it provides to vet your puppy's breeders!!!!!



Stay safe!





Elsa's puppies start to play 17th June

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