Cava's puppy Scarlett 6/9/2014

Golden Retriever Breeders


We have seven breeding age bitches who are first and foremost family pets. Not all of them live with us all of the time. Some live with our closest family and friends.


We are part of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder scheme.We also have our Council Breeders License 5 *****rating for three years from 4th July 2019 - 3rd July 2022

Licence Number : 476811/ 170920


For more details on each of the girls click on their name on the menu to the left or look through the links below for an overview of Carsuzi Retrievers




We do not advertise via Free Ads and a Pets for Homes.


We do not take deposits.


After a couple of years not posting on our site after being used by someone to obtain deposits for non-existant puppies we are updating in

July 2022 


We recently mated Ruby and Billie and are hopeful that we will have puppies in August. We are also hoping for more litters before the end of this year.


We also have three more dogs to add to our breeding girls, these are Sante, Ethil and Toluca.  These replace our retired mums who are Betsy and Elsa who have both had their three litters and are happily living as pets.


Sad News


Our old girl Chechi dies aged 17 and 7 months, she will be missed.


The photo below is of Sante's first birthday with Chechi at the back of the pack waiting for her birthday cake!


Elsa's puppies start to play 17th June

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