Toluca (Carsuzi Tourmaline Lao )

Toluca is from our Diva line and she is definatley a Diva. She is very beautiful with a very thick coat.  Her dad is Show Champion Cadwst Flash Flame to Wheatcroft, he was dog of the Year 2022. We are very pleased to keep our close relationship with the Wheatcroft family, but our girls are a little too closley related to them at present so we are using other stud dogs to provide a wider gene pool.


Her mum is Kikko who is also a beautiful girl and taller then Toluca. Toluca has had the priviledge of being our baby for the first 18 months of her life. The other dogs have given her lots of baby priviledges which has made her very confident.

Toluca's Family Tree


Kennel Name Carsuzi Tourmaline Lao
Pet Name Toluca
Dame Carsuzi Mookite Mischief
Sire Cadwst White Flame to Wheatcroft
Date of Birth 25th July 2021
Hip Score 6       6
Elbow Score 0        0
Gonioscopy 2
PRA 1 Clear
PRA 2 Clear
ITCH Carrier