Teddy lives with our bridesmaid and her husband and she is very much the centre of their family. She has her own social life and friendship circle both canine and human. Although she is light coloured she come from our golden line with both her mum and grandma being quite dark. Teddy's grandma Nugget is our pack leader and Teddy is just as regal and confident as Nugget and her mum Inca. (See Inca's page)

We intend to keep a darker line and she will be mated with a golden dog which will be decided later in the year.


Simon and Teddy playing follow my leader

Kennel Name:           Carsuzi Valencian Porphy


Pet Name:                 Teddy


Dame:                        Carsuzi Golden Diamond (INCA)


Sire:                           R Diamond at Wheatcroft Golden Angel of Obrach


Date of Birth:            19.08. 2018


Hip Score:                  4:3


Elbow Score:              0:0


Eye Test:                    Clear 2020