A day in the life of!

We have an routine for the girls which is designed to keep them interested and relaxed through out the day. It is very flexible and we add and take away elements so that they don't get bored. Although they are very relaxed and as most dog like a lot of sleep in their daily activties. This section of the web site gives you a snap shot in a day of the girls.

Dexie always with her toy! The girls have breakfast in a forzen bone. We stuff the bones with good quality dog food and freeze them. It's a great way of keep them happy ang give me time to get on with my morning jobs.


They all have their favourite places on sunny days they often eat them in the garden.

Our favourite walking place is Chellow Dene in Bradford, which has two reservoirs , a woodland area and lots of paths to walk through. The girls are able to swim, play and bark. We don't encourage barking at home as we are the people that look after the house and we have elderly neighbours that we don't want to disturb.


At Chellow Dene they are allowed to bark a past time that the girls take very seriously. It's great when Ella joins us because we can all walk together!