Meet Chechi

Chechi is our old girl now 15 and 7 months and still going strong on her walks where she can walk a couple of miles still. She doesn't normally feature on the web site but makes sure she is centre of attention at our open days.


So why talk about Chechi now?


Like the puppies that are being born and homed right now Chechi couldn't have her innoculations when she was very young. This was because she had a rear immune condition called Puppy Strangles. This meant that she couldn't have her innoculations until she was 16 weeks. This section gives ideas on the type of thing that we did with Chechi who has grown up well socialised and happy.

Chechi on her daily walk May 2020 age 15 years and 7 months


Carl with Avneet on Saturday using a baby sling to carry the puppy on our daily walk.


Normally we would also take the puppies out for rides in the car but we now can't do that so these walks are very important for the puppies to see the outside world.



When Nugget fell and hurt her elbows as a puppy I purchased a second hand push chair and took her out with our pack in it. I still have it and wouldn't hessitate to use it to give my dogs the socialisation that they can benfit from. 

I also use it for my young dogs when I want to go on longer walks whislt they are on their 5minutes per month of life regime.


We tend to use baby toys in our efforts to provide an enrichment and socialisation programme for our puppies. The following gallery may give you some ideas of thing you could do to mimic some of the experiences your puppy may expect to encounter in their lives.


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The television or even your lap top can be used as a great socialisation tool. Dogs do not contextualise so they don't really get TV. To them it's real.


Use programmes like:

East Enders to mimic arguing and stressful people situations.

Monkey Life is a great one, it will give you some Socialisation ideas too.

David Attenborough, nature prgrammes are great at introducing different animals. You will be amazed how interested your puppy can be.

I use formular one racing for traffic noise, I also like it too!

Traffic cops also has lots of unexpected noise too.

Last Night at the Proms, New Years Fireworks on You tube, or Grimme music are great ways of getting your puppy used to loud noises. Play it loud.



Puppies are born with only two senses smell and suck. During their first 8 weeks we give them lots of stimulation to ready them for as many evetualities as we can.


We play "Boo!", "I see" which are great ways to surprise your puppy.


A great idea is to use plastic wrappers that pop and bang.


We also bang pans together, need I say not directly in your pupies ear.


A lot of our toys are interactive, I use baby toys upto 3years as your puppy can manage to press the large buttons.



Other animals

If you have friends and family with innoculated dogs your puppy can meet them either at home or at the innoculated dogs home. Just don't allow your puppy to be anywhere wher there may be uninnoculated dogs that could carry disease.