Meet Billie

Billie lives with our friends Darryl and Jacqui, who penned this loving intro to her.


This is Billie! Billie is a wonderful 3yr old who is soft, cuddly and gentle.


Billie will do lots of cute tricks when treats are in the offing. Other times she’s a lot more mischievous and steals mums slippers either to hide them in her den or share them with Chester (next doors cocker spaniel) who she often asks out to play.


One of Billies favourite places is the woods where her favourite pastimes are jumping in the river (as long as it’s not too deep!) chasing squirrels, saying hello to everyone she meets and getting very muddy! If there is a wall she has to look over it just to make sure that there aren’t any cows nearby.


Billie is a really good alarm clock! She jumps on the bed and likes to wake mum an’ dad up with a nuzzle and a wash before asking for a back scratch.