Elba (Carsuzi Vivante Voice)

Elba is our baby we decided to keep her because of her gentle funny personality and because she is cream from golden parents. We thought is would be interesting to see how the genetics of colour worked with her and her sister Ruby. 

One of Elba's little quirks is that as a puppy she liked to pull her covers up under her chin and sleep on her back. She is also the best cuddler ever!

Kennel Name:           Carsuzi Vivante Voice


Pet Name:                 Elba


Dame:                       Carsuzi Atacamite Mystery (Billie)


Sire:                          Johnsongrace Chardonnay (Buddy)


Date of Birth:           16. 09. 2018


Hip Score:                  3 : 5


Elbow Score:              0:0


Eye Test:                    25-11-2020   Clear