Meet Dexie - (Tyrocoll Midnight Runner)

Kennel Club Name Tyrocoll Midnight Runner         
Pet Name


Xanthos Mondriaan

Tyrocoll Summer breeze

Date of Birth 10/10/2010
Hip Score 5/7 = 12
Elbow Score 0/0
Eye Score 3/7/2012 clear


Tyrocoll Midnight Runner

 Xanthos Mondriian


Won Crufts Undergraduate 2010



Elbows 0:0 

Hips : 3:3

Multi champion/ Junion champion

Sultan of Sand

V.D. Beers Hoeve

Elbow 0:0

       Hip: 4:3

Dutch /German champion

Kozzmozz V.D. Beerse Hoeve

Multi ch Sandwich

Molly V.D Beerse Hoeve

2C.C's:2 Res C.C.'s

Xanthos Foreign Affair SGWC

Elbow 0:0

Hip 5:4

Swedish and Nor Champion

Inassicas song of songs

French Field Trialler

Xanthos to be sure

Tyrocoll Summer Breeze



Elbows 0:0 

Hips : 4.4

Xanthos Espionage J.W

1 CC


Elbows 0:0

Hips 5:4

Champion Matador V.D Beerse Hoeve

Xanthos Foriegn Affair SGWC

2 C.C.'s

Tyrocoll Pollyanna

Open show winner


Elbows 0:0

Hips 6:12

Champion Xanthos Blackthorn

Tyrocoll Pure Pizazz

Open Show winner

Dexie Growing up


Dexie her first interaction with snow. She has loved it ever since.

Dexie's mum is Breeze (Tyrocoll Summer Breeze) and dad (Xanthos Mondriaan)


Dexie at 4 months old, just learning to sit and stay. She has been very easy to train and loves to play hide and seek.


Dexie, our ballet dancer playing at a local park. She has a beautiful deep chest and dark nose.